A door and a vacation


We bought a sliding door panel at a re-used building materials store in Springfield, MA for $50.  After drilling the holes for the knob and mortising in the hinges, it works great.  Eventually we plan to build our own door, but with so much to do it is not near the top of our to-do list.  This will suffice until then.




Ella – apprenticing as a fish


To begin our cellulose prep, we isolated our rafter bays by stapling strips of insulweb to the sides of the rafters and the 2×4 bay extensions.  Our cellulose installer recommended this to help the installation go quicker.


Our friend Amanda came back to lend a hand for a few days, which was most welcome!  Our cellulose guy, Whip, lent us some upholstery staplers which make this go much faster.  It’s kind of like a turbo fire stapler.


We will install a strip of insulweb about 30″ wide across the roof plane where the two sheets of Intello meet.  Then we will let the edges of both sheets flap down, exposing the insulweb below it.  The hose for the cellulose will be inserted through the insulweb.  After the installation is finished, the edges of the Intello will be folded up and taped.  This saves much hole patching in our Intello by reducing the amount of cellulose hose insertion points.



Below you can see the strapping which holds up the flaps of the Intello edge and also secures the insulweb beneath it.


There’s always time for some fun in the snow


We’ve had a beautiful Bard Owl that’s been hanging around our field looking for prey.  Here it is perched upon our Bison Pump on our well.


We’re on a break to celebrate the holidays with our family but look forward to blowing in the cellulose next week.


4 thoughts on “A door and a vacation

  1. Lots of new changes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! So glad you get to spend time with your family. Ella and Henry will brighten up your parents and Grandmas lives! And you will too!! 😘😍
    Have fun and God bless you.
    Buck and Barb

  2. Always amazed at the progress you’re making, Ella must have learned pretty quickly how to respect things like tools, materials, electric wires, wow! Really hope we can swing down for a summer visit next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, luvyasxxx

  3. Always a pleasure to see the evolution of your project.
    You make me dream of your countryside lifestyle
    even if I’m sure it’s not always easy…

    One day I’ll visit you with my family and give you a hand
    Wish you the best for 2017

    Francis Bertrand. designer-ébéniste (Jason’s Conway’s shopmate)

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