decisions, decisions

In the past weeks we have mostly been making decisions.  Though we have also been erecting interior partition walls and deciding about light and switch placement, the decisions are the most challenging aspects of our build at the moment.  Ella enjoys helping to hold things.


Nika was feeling like the ceiling in our bedroom was a little too flat…. so we took it down and cut a curve into it!  Kinda looks like a whale’s rib cage installed up there.


We made a pattern that felt good to us and then traced it out onto the others before cutting it with a bandsaw.  We could have cut these pieces from a single 2×10, but the sides would have been rather brittle and weak.  So we used the existing 2×4’s from the old ceiling and added another short section of 2×4 to each end.  Then we cut the curve to the whole thing.  Because we are installing drywall atop them, the don’t need to be perfect.  ⅛” is close enough.


Making good use of my grandfather’s band saw!


The internet says that a ½” sheet of drywall will bend to a 10′ radius.  ⅜” drywall will bend to a 7′ radius and ¼” to a 5′ radius. Ours is just about 7′ so we chose ⅜”.  The internet also says it helps the bend if you wet the back of the sheet – so we did that.  It bent quite easily, no cracking.  It was a challenge to lift it, hold it, push it to conform to the bend and screw it all at once for the two of us, but we managed.  Then we put in A LOT of screws.  Probably about every 2″ along the ribs.  Oh and we also decreased the rib spacing to 9 ⅝” on center.  It worked quite well.  I’m excited to see it after mudding and taping.


It’s been quite warm around here…. which means that the sap is flowing!  We’re not sure if we’ll have time to boil any syrup, but our three taps have been giving us a steady stream of sweet refreshing sap to drink.


One of the other odds and ends I worked on in the past weeks was installing the duct for the vent fan.  It didn’t get done before insulation (which would have been easier).  But we were really impressed by the self-supporting nature of the cellulose.  This picture is looking up the rim joist insulation (at the bottom of the carved away bay is the top plate of the wall with joists on both sides of the carved away insulation).   Though gravity is doing it’s thing, the insulation doesn’t fall down.  No settling here.



Ella is getting her fill of snow before it all melts and runs into the stream…


This next picture is very exciting for me to show.  It is of our perimeter drain discharging water!  All that time we spent installing it and carefully pitching the slope has paid off!  The water table is very high will all the melting snow and rain we’ve recently received so it has been flowing for the past three or four days.  I am so glad it works!


We’re going to keep on with our electrical wiring.  If the warm weather continues, we will most likely begin installing our exterior roxul board so that the shingles on the outside of the walls can come next.


4 thoughts on “decisions, decisions

  1. So exciting to see your progress, the house looks bigger inside than first impressions; your little helper is growing up so fast and very very cute, and yes your drain thing is obviously effective!!

  2. It’s so fun to see your progress! I love the ceiling of your bedroom. And watching Ella drink from the tree! Such fun memories

  3. You all never cease to amaze us!! Grandpa would be so proud of your skills and to see you putting his saw to good use! Love Ella’s helping spirit and new “do”. Great job!!
    Love, Nana and Otzi

  4. Many years ago, just after WW2, my grandparents live in St. Hilaire, QC and they took in several foster children who like to visit the local Maple Syrup operators and enjoy that same refreshing taste of the SAP from the trees. They enjoyed it so much that they found out that it can be an effective Laxative and rather messy.

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